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Listen to Matt's top charting podcast The Driven Entrepreneur which is syndicated on 16 AM/FM stations. He interviews trail blazers and innovators to get their origin stories plus plenty of life and business lessons along the way!

Or Listen to Speaking of Getting Booked, the podcast where Speakers eavesdrop on conversations with promoters to learn how to get booked on stage easier. Season 1 and 2 are now available on demand!

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Do you want Matt to come share with your entrepreneur audience? One of the worlds most sought after speakers, Matt's talks rank among the top favorites by event attendees. Whether it's on TV morning shows across the nation on ABC, NBC, CBS or FOX, or it's on stage at places like Harvard, NASDAQ, or the United States Air Force Academy, Matt delivers!

Speaking at an Entrepreneur Marketing Conference

Matt's TEDx Talk: "Are You Driven Like an Avenger?"

Hear Matt's Story at the Harvard Club of Boston

Matt in the Media!

Matt shares constantly in the media and TV morning shows everything from "superhero" leadership tips, to home improvement, to fun with the kiddos. Buckle in for some fun and growth!




Are you a speaker, or do you use speaking to grow your business? Then Matt's speaker marketing system is perfect for you!

Matt Brauning coaches and trains entrepreneurs to create powerful signature talks, tell compelling stories, and get booked in front of your ideal prospects and clients using his signature "8 Pillars To Profitable Speaking" system.

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So why a "Firebox?

OLD STEAM ENGINE locomotives had to burn fuel in a firebox to create the steam that would give them their momentum to move forward. Each train's firebox was buried deep inside, not easily accessible from the outside.

As an entrepreneur, trail blazer, or innovator, you too, have a firebox deep inside you, but which of the 7 fuels you use is the secret to sustainable success.

Are you secretly driven by Significance, Artisan, World-Impact, Contribution, Spiritual, Thrive, or the Avenger?

Find out which of the 7 motivational drives fuel your firebox when it comes to your business, non-profit, startup, or ministry!

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Who Is Matt Brauning

Matt Brauning is a former writer for FORBES, a 2-time best selling author, and host of the top charting podcast “The Driven Entrepreneur” on Apple, and syndicated on 16 AM/FM stations coast to coast.

He filmed in the movie “The Journey” with Brian Tracy, you’ve seen him all over Television on ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX, and speaks at places like The Harvard Club, TEDx, NASDAQ, and the United States Air Force Academy.

Matt helps driven entrepreneurs grow their businesses by becoming the leading voice in their industry, and not just another expert. He does this through the power of speaking on platforms and in the media in front of their ideal clients.

Matt is also an avid motorcycle rider, church leader, and rock climber, and currently resides in Grand Rapids, Michigan with his amazing wife Lola and awesome son Valiant.

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