Teamwork: Does it really make the dream work?

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August 25, 2016
Communication: Do you understand?
August 26, 2016


There’s that dreaded word, teamwork.  You say it to a roomful of employees and not many get a look of excitement.  Because let’s be honest, our experience of teamwork has been from high school or college getting somehow paired with the exact opposite personality from ours.  Or worse yet, getting paired with an indifferent partner, and there is no motivating indifference. 

But teamwork doesn’t have to be a bad word.  There is an exceptional brilliance that teamwork can bring in uniting and strengthening a group of people.  At first it can be messy and uncomfortable, but the more an individual is challenged to work with someone that is their polar opposite, the more that person can grow and stretch into becoming a better listener and in realizing that perhaps they don’t posses the best solution to the problem.  It is a humbling experience to understand that someone else has a better idea than yours, and it is an even bigger challenge for that person to say so out loud. 

That’s not to say individuality is to be scorned, there is a balance between being a part of a team and having an individual talent.  Both are to be valued and utilized to make not only the best possible work environment but to mature the individual and their talent. 

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