Purpose Driven Life.

The Gift in Failure.
December 19, 2014
Teamwork: Does it really make the dream work?
August 26, 2016

It’s really become a buzz word of not only our social culture but also our corporate culture.  Many individuals don’t just want a job that pays, they want a career that is fulfilling.  One where what they do is making a contribution to the world.  One where who they are matters. 

But what is purpose?  It’s certainly not something you can put into a wheelbarrow.  It’s an intangible, yet very real ideal that varies for each human being.  But what is really probably the most confusing is that many people don’t know what they are built for.  They have dreams, and desires, but not necessarily a direction to take those in.  But what does that mean for a corporation with several employees that don’t know who they are?  It means miscommunication, frustration and resentment. 

Ultimately it can lead to someone being put in the wrong position because they believe, or they want to be good at it.  Take someone for example who is exemplary in Admin, but in their mind they have a desire to be in sales, but once they are put in sales, their performance is lackluster, and their numbers are, well, pretty much non existent.  And inevitably they fail, and believe they are a failure. 

However, take that same person and give them the ability to take the Life Languages profile, and suddenly, who they are makes sense.  This profile provides them with insight into how they communicate and gives them validation that who they are is needed and important.  Not only that but it provides them with the ability to better communicate not only their own thoughts and feelings but allows them to better understand the different communication style of others.  Ultimately this can be the beginning to finding their proper seat on the bus, which in turn can lead to place of fulfillment and purpose. 

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