Families Come In All Shapes and Sizes

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August 26, 2016
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January 18, 2018


One of the best things that happened to me was becoming a father.  When I held my son for the first time, it was a moment I will never forget.  Since that moment though, time has passed, he has gotten older and I’ve become more experienced at being a Dad.  The funny thing about families though is that there is no one size fits all.  Some families are large with multiple children and others are small with an only child.  Yet, somehow, people can get this ideal normal family into their minds from what they have seen in the movies.   And then they wonder why their family isn’t like that?  But there is something great when you don’t fit into what is considered “normal.”  You begin to question what’s so great about being normal.  And the irony is, most families aren’t normal.   

Every family has a different dynamic, a different set of traditions and different values.  So rather than try to define ourselves by what a “normal family” should look like, I challenge you to find the vision for your own family.  Everyone is created with different talents or gifts, so it makes sense that a group of people that make up a family can come together with all their gifs for a special purpose as well. 

But I have found that without a vision it can be hard to see the forest through the trees.  Life can become a routine that takes over and infiltrates those special gifts.  That dulls those keen talents and leads to frustration and chaos.  So stop, take a breath and seek the vision, what does your family have a heart for?  What do you enjoy doing as a family? I know in our family we all enjoy being at our home, a lot.  But we also enjoy spending time with other friends and family members, so we have begun to make a plan to have people over to the house, that way we can do something we enjoy as a family, and bring others into that gift of close connection. 

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